Wooden stairs are a structural element used in both single-family and multi-family houses. Sturdy stairs made by professionals using the highest-quality raw materials will serve the household members for many years; their functionality will be appreciated by all enthusiasts of classic and natural solutions. The Drev-Em company offers oak, ash and beech wooden stairs; each of these raw materials has slightly different properties, so it is worth reading their specification before placing an order. Below, you can find a general description of stairs made of those materials.

Which stairs are better – made of oak or ash?

Oakwood is considered one of the noblest and most durable. this material is often selected by people who value timeless beauty and want the interior finish to be distinguished by the highest quality. Wooden stairs made of oak wood are characterized by high hardness and thus are highly resistant to attrition, scratches and various types of damage resulting from everyday use. Moreover, oak stairs are resistant to moisture and, with proper care, after many years, they look almost as beautiful as on the first day following the assembly. Oak stairs have many advantages and are an excellent investment for many years. However, you should consider their price, because it is much higher than in the case of stairs made of other wood types. However, if a higher budget is not an obstacle for you, wooden oak stairs will be an excellent choice and will surely be appreciated by the household members for decades!
Ash is a light wood that forms an excellent construction solution for people who want to achieve a lasting effect without spending a fortune. Ash stairs are cheaper than oak stairs and, at the same time, they form a durable structural house element, which is resistant to minor scratches and extremely elegant. The attractive grain of ash wood and its absorptive capacity make it suitable for finishing stairs in various ways. Due to these features, ash stairs will appeal to customers who prefer a diverse styles and forms of the final cut, for example, varnished, oiled, waxed or bleached wood.

Beech stairs

Drev-Em also offers wooden stairs made of beech wood. This type of wood is very accessible and relatively inexpensive. The lower price than in the case of oak stairs and the ease of shaping beech wood make it an exceptionally frequently chosen solution. A limitation you should take into account when considering the purchase of stairs made of beech wood is the fact that beech wood is quite hard and without the grain, which is visible in the case of oak or ash.